Landlord Move In Checklist for Seattle Rental Properties

The move in process begins when someone is approved for the property and has paid all the deposits and fees. We do an online lease signature, so at the point of move in, all the paperwork has been signed. The actual move in day is an official appointment, and you’ll meet the tenant there to hand over the keys and collect any outstanding funds. A move in checklist can be extremely helpful.

Property Condition Report

Our move in condition report allows us to look at everything in the apartment, take pictures, make comments, and complete the report. You want to be able to avoid any dispute about how the property looks. Pictures can do that better than descriptions. Get to the property early so you can do the move in condition report before the tenant arrives. Show the tenant what you’ve marked down, and ask them to find anything that was missed. This speeds along the process.

Tenant Handbook

We provide a handbook that includes our rental policies, and we go through the key takeaways of the lease with the tenants. We answer any questions and explain where this information is available online.

Registration of Emergency Contact Person

In King County, if something happens to the tenant, a contact person is needed who will be responsible for anything that happens. We make sure we have an emergency contact available. This is a situation where you hope you never need the information, but you definitely want it.

Discussing Utilities

Talk about the utilities. If there are roommates or an unmarried couple living together, talk about whose name is going on the utilities. We set up the utility accounts, and we recommend that electricity is in one name and water in the other. At the end of the day, everyone living in the property is responsible for paying the utilities on time, but you need the account to be set up in one name. The first bill is always the largest, so we warn tenants to plan for it.

Property and Safety Tour

Review the closest exits, where the fire extinguishers and hoses are, and how to dispose of trash. Discuss the recycling and composting requirements. In Seattle, those things are important, and people who are new to the city usually need to discuss how it’s done. We show the tenants where the mail is and the barbeque area, and we provide a whole tour of the building. It makes people feel more comfortable, and it’s safer when people are informed. Make sure all the doors and locks are working and check the windows.

Handle everything at the beginning through your move in checklist. All these things should be part of the move in process. If you have any questions about your landlord move in checklist or anything concerning Seattle rental property services, please don’t hesitate to contact us at Olympic View Property Services.

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