Ready to Rent: How to Turn Over Your Seattle Rental Property

When you get the notice to vacate, the turnover process is triggered. Ideally, the notice to vacate will come in and you’ll acknowledge that you received it. Then, you need to get to work on getting the property ready to rent again.

Pre-Move Inspection

Schedule the pre-move inspection so you can get to know the unit’s condition. That will give you the opportunity to look for upgrades that need to happen before a new tenant moves in. You can budget for what needs to be done and plan your timeline. Decide if you need to replace floors, appliances, countertops, shower enclosures, or smaller things like doors.

Scheduling Vendors

You need to know the difference between a general contractor and a handyman. Your general contractor will handle the projects for you and schedule all the other vendors. If you are a self-manager, you might want to get your general contracting license so you can do this yourself. It covers you, and you don’t have to own any tools or do the work yourself, but you can oversee everything and make sure everything happens on schedule and on budget.


Have your handyman come in and go through the preventative maintenance checklist. It could be your on-site manager or anyone doing all the small fixes. Your handyman can replace blinds, check the heater, and replace light fixtures, switches, ceiling fans, and other minor upgrades.

After the handyman, have your painter take care of the walls that need fresh paint. You may also need a floor installer or a carpet shampooer. Have that work scheduled and completed, and then have your cleaners come in. That’s the order to pay attention to. With a pre-move inspection, you can schedule these things two or three weeks in advance. Everyone needs their own time. A painter and a handyman might get into each other’s way when they’re working in a 600-square foot apartment. So, make sure you’re scheduling properly. It will make a difference in the vacancy time.

Begin Marketing

While all this How to get Your Seattle Rental Property Ready for a New Tenant is happening, you need to be marketing and advertising and setting up showings. Everything needs to work together. Be specific with the timing so you don’t cost yourself a week when it comes to getting someone moved in. Planning in advance is critical in minimizing your vacancy and turnover time.

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