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A good maintenance program is an important part of property management, and today we’re talking about some of the programs that we have set up at Olympic View Property Services.

Monthly Maintenance Projects

We have an on-site manager, and in addition to the monthly property inspections we do, we expect our managers to do a special project every month. We assign this based on what the building needs. We go through the property with the owner, and we decide what is needed to be done once or twice a year. In addition to that, we ask the site manager for suggestions on what might be needed. We document that feedback, which is valuable because they are there every day. They will know if the back door is getting loose. It helps us to do some long-term planning.

Monthly Examples

In one building, our special project for January is fire safety. We go through and check all the fire extinguishers. Our site manager schedules with an outside vendor, supervises the process, and send a report to us and the owners. There’s usually a recommendation included, especially if there are extinguishers that need servicing.

In February, we’ll concentrate on hallways and doors and wipe them down. We’ll wipe down the threshold and do any touch up painting that’s required. For March, we’re planning a storage room deep cleaning which will allow us to go through the storage room where site managers keep their supplies. It’s an opportunity to sweep it out and reorganize. They take before and after pictures to admire their work, and it really makes a difference.

In April, we do a spring all-unit inspection. Normally, we do this annually in the fall, but with this particular building, the owner likes two all-unit inspections per year. In May, we start prepping for the summer. We take off hose protectors and bring the barbecues back out at the property.

In June, we focus on dryer vents. That includes cleaning the dryer vents on the outside of the building and calling a vendor if necessary to do full cleaning of those vents. In July, all the site managers are responsible for reviewing the operations manual. It’s basically an outline of all our processes. July is busy anyway because we have so much turnover, so there’s an easier project in July.

In October, we do another all-unit inspection and in November we begin to winterize the building. That includes putting the hoses back and the barbecue. We make sure we have salt and snow shovels ready. It’s important to check weather stripping and ensure the building will be warm. In December, we conduct a key audit. There needs to be a copy of all keys in the key box at all time. Sometimes locks get changed, and it’s good to double-check.

This is what we do for special projects at one specific building. Everything is documented and they are recurring tasks that happen every month. It helps us keep good records and we have pictures and date stamps as well. It’s an efficient way to handle maintenance management at your property.

If you have any questions or need additional landlord tips, please contact us at Olympic View Property Services. We’d be happy to help you systemize your business.

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