My favorite topic is documentation, and today we have some advice for landlords about the importance of documentation. Ask anyone who works for me – I love documentation. In fact, our operations manual for site managers and property managers has a note in the footer on every page that says: […]

Foolproof Tips for Rental Property Documentation | Advice for Landlords ...

Managing a rent increase requires documentation as well as a review of market rent. Today, we’re talking about how we do this. Our process starts in a spreadsheet, where we have the rent schedule listed and the square footage of each unit. We also list the current rent and the […]

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A good maintenance program is an important part of property management, and today we’re talking about some of the programs that we have set up at Olympic View Property Services.

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Regular rental inspections are an excellent way to manage preventative maintenance, and today we’re talking about how to conduct those inspections. There are two types of inspection; monthly property inspections and annual all-unit inspections.

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The move in process begins when someone is approved for the property and has paid all the deposits and fees. We do an online lease signature, so at the point of move in, all the paperwork has been signed. The actual move in day is an official appointment, and you’ll […]

Landlord Move In Checklist for Seattle Rental Properties

The move out process starts and is triggered by the tenant’s notice to vacate. Today, we’re talking about that process and sharing some rental property tips so you’ll know how to handle the details of a move out.

Landlord Move Out Checklist | Seattle Rental Property Tips

Rental policies reflect your lease terms, and should always be included in the lease. They explain how you will handle situations that come up during a tenancy. It’s like a collection of Frequently Asked Questions that are written into the lease.

Rental Policies and Lease Terms | Seattle Rental Management Advice

When you get the notice to vacate, the turnover process is triggered. Ideally, the notice to vacate will come in and you’ll acknowledge that you received it. Then, you need to get to work on getting the property ready to rent again.

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Tenant retention is how to keep your tenants in place once they’ve moved in, and how to prevent them from moving out, especially after a rent increase. We’re sharing five tips on how to keep tenants happy. Maintain the Common Areas Tenants aren’t expecting the world, but they are expecting […]

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Preventative maintenance is an important way to preserve the condition of your home and keep your tenants happy. Our Seattle property services includes a checklist that we use during turnovers to make sure we can prevent a lot of the problems that come up in the first month or two […]

Preventative Rental Maintenance: Tips for Landlords in North Seattle, WA