Affordable Rental Property Improvements from a Professional Maintenance Manager in Shoreline, WA

To maximize your rental income, you can make a few small upgrades that are fast and easy. With these rental improvements, you will be able to increase your income and minimize your vacancy time. When someone walks into your Seattle rental property, it will really pop, and good tenants will be ready to sign a lease. These things don’t cost a lot, but they will help you shine compared to other properties on the market.

Appeal to Women

You aren’t necessarily looking for women to live in your rental property instead of men, but when it comes to tenants, if a male/female relationship is moving in, it’s the female who will usually make the ultimate decision. So if you appeal to her, he will go along with what she thinks. Look for the things that will matter when the unit is completely empty. When someone comes to look at your unit, only a few things will stand out. Those are the things you want to focus on.

Kitchens and Bathrooms

The place needs to be clean and freshly painted. These are obvious things, and if you’re not doing them, you need to enlist the help of a Seattle maintenance manager, and you should call us.

Tenants will look at kitchens and bathrooms first. No one is expecting the Taj Mahal; they know they are renting a property. But you do want to make sure the kitchen is clean, especially the sinks. Nice faucets will make a difference. The bathroom is even more important than the kitchen. No one wants to live in someone else’s gross bathroom. If you’re going to spend $300, spend half of it in the bathroom. You need a clean sink and counter. Replace the $30 sink or get a whole new countertop with a modern faucet and sink combo. It will look clean, and people will want to live there.

Outlets and Switches

If you have those old almond color outlets and switches, get the clean white ones. They look more modern, and when tenants walk into a vacant unit, they won’t see any furniture, so the outlets will pop. Upgrade the ceiling fan, too. There may be one other light fixture in the room and then the ceiling fan. If it’s old-school brass, replace it with an $80 modern ceiling fan that grabs a tenant’s attention. The eyes will be drawn to it, so make sure it looks good. These are affordable upgrades.

Faucets and Light Fixtures

The faucets and light fixtures are pretty obvious and can be inexpensive improvements. Most units have two faucets; kitchen and bathroom. The light fixture in the bathroom shouldn’t be old and rusted. Spend some money and make it look clean and new.

All these thiaffordable-rental-property-improvements-from-a-professional-maintenance-manager-in-shoreline-wangs should cost no more than $300 – $500. The takeaway is to appeal to women, keep it clean, and think about what will stand out when the unit is completely empty.

If you have any questions about our Seattle property services or you’d like to hear more landlord tips, please contact us at Olympic View Property Services.

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