5 Tips on How to Keep Tenants Happy and Living in Your Seattle Rental Longer

Tenant retention is how to keep your tenants in place once they’ve moved in, and how to prevent them from moving out, especially after a rent increase. We’re sharing five tips on how to keep tenants happy.

Maintain the Common Areas

Tenants aren’t expecting the world, but they are expecting clean and safe common areas. This will mean keeping hallways clean, touching up paint, and keeping the laundry and dumpster areas clean. The dumpster area where your trash and recycling and compost goes is huge. Keep it swept, and move the dumpsters to hose off the areas so spills and flies and other gross things don’t grow. Do the dirty work of cleaning that area well so there isn’t a mess for your tenants to deal with.

Exterior Doors

Part of your rental management needs to be making sure your exterior doors close automatically and lock. That can be an ongoing thing, and as the temperature changes it’s especially important to think about the timing. Adjust the automatic closers quarterly depending on the temperature outside.

Provide Customer Service

Respond to maintenance requests in a timely fashion. At Olympic View, we have a 48-hour turnaround policy. We can’t always resolve the whole problem within 48 hours, but we are sure to at least contact the tenants and tell them the plan to address the issue. That communication makes the tenant feel heard, and everyone knows what’s going on. Most tenants spend a week or two wondering if they should even submit a maintenance request for simple things. Some people don’t put in maintenance requests because they don’t want to bother us, or they think it’s not a big deal. So, check in every six months. Find out if there’s anything they need, or if they have any concerns. Talk to each of your tenants at least twice a year if you can.

We also provide a monthly newsletter, which helps with communication and rental property services. In our newsletter, we share a topic and talk about things like preventative maintenance, how to unclog a drain, travel safety, and other valuable topics for tenants. We also use this as a friendly reminder that rent is due, and what they should do when they need to submit maintenance requests.

Don’t Be a Jerk

That’s a pretty important tip. As a landlord or a property manager, things come up. Sometimes people can’t pay their rent. Most of the time, they’re embarrassed by it, so there’s no reason to be rude. Don’t be a jerk. Instead, take the higher ground. Work with your tenants to resolve issues. If a tenant is unable to pay rent because they overdrew their bank account one month, it doesn’t make them a bad tenan5-tips-on-how-to-keep-tenants-happy-and-living-in-your-seattle-rental-longert. They will probably continue paying rent on time for the next five years, and they’ll always remember how you treated them during that one bad month. Practice good customer service.

These are the best tips we have on tenant retention. If you have any questions about this or anything pertaining to Seattle rental property services, please contact us at Olympic View Property Services.

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